Yii 2 BETA

April 14, 2014 it was officially announced that Yii2 develops into beta-version, this now means that its architecture has become a stable and planned in the future only the correction of errors, and then it goes into a stage of stable release (General Availability).

So far, use it to production servers is not recommended, the reason is simple - errors may occur.
But do not wait for a stable release, we must begin now to its development and to create test applications!

Features of the second version:
  • Requires PHP 5.4 or later version!
  • You must use namespaces.
  • New avtoloader classes.
  • New RBAC, it has become much easier.
  • Built framework for creating REST API.
  • Adds new features for testing.
  • Added new validators and improved others.
  • ActiveRecord-added implementation for different types of databases.
  • Support for nested tarnzaktsy.
  • ActiveRecord converts the data to the appropriate types.
  • Added batch requests.
  • Query Designer supports nested queries.
  • Hierarchical filters, they can now be applied to applications and modules.
  • Added helper to work with URL.
  • Added comfortable and beautiful debugger.

How to update Yii Yii 1 to 2 can be read here .
Documentation Yii 2.0 is here .

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