The new version of the website

A month ago, I finally decided that it time to update my site.
The previous version was written in Yii1 and it was very simple.

So I really wanted to make it more beautiful and comfortable, but because I do not like to engage design, I immediately went to the and there chose the most popular HTML-template.
I really liked template Porto, that you can see now.

Then the fun began, I had to move old functional from Yii1 to Yii2, the best way turned up is when rewritten everything again :)
But it was not so difficult, because the structure is only slightly changed.

For Yii1 I had written a lot of useful extensions, so the first thing I had to write them for Yii2.
I very much want to share how much useful extensions I wrote for Yii2:

Soon I will make a special section on the site where it will be a list of all extensions with detailed documentation.

The next task was to write the code itself the site. I started with backend, then frontend, it was a lot more work.
Toward the end of the work I was struck by the idea that it is possible to upgrade not only the site, but also to change the domain name(previous is, I remembered that there is a national domain .io, which is now becoming popular among IT-companies. Welcome to
During the registration me have made nice gift – free SSL-certificate for a year!
Domain .io I bought from the registrar for just $35, This is the cheapest price I found.

Not without new features in the site admin area, I have improved the form for writing articles, now I can past to the publication text different inclusion, such as source code snippets and images, which are stored separately from the text of the publication and may have custom settings, which can then be used in the view-output and sitemap generator.
I implement its own file storage and service on the similarity pastebin, so that I can share my code to others people.

In general, it got a very presentable and beautiful site, I'm satisfied with my work :)

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